Bugle Boy Foundation Talent Trust

In 2009, The Bugle Boy Foundation launched its Talent Trust, in the spirit of creating a fair and sustainable business model for artists and their relationship with the recording industry.

The Talent Trust financially assists selected artists with the production/publicity of a new studio recording, allowing the artist complete ownership and creative control. Artists are paid in advance for their future Bugle Boy shows to assist with the financial burdens of an album release. In return, the artist agrees to perform once a year at the Bugle Boy until they have reimbursed the Talent Trust fund through their door receipts. The artist is also mentored through the recording process and is then expected to mentor the next year's recipient.

This is a full circle business model that creates sustainability for the artist, the venue and the future Founder’s Choice recipients. It represents a complete departure from the traditional music industry label-driven production process, which often requires artists to give up creative control and significant ownership rights in order to produce an album.

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To date, the Bugle Boy Foundation has proudly assisted four artists in the production of new studio work: Elizabeth Wills (2009), Kat Edmonson (2011), John Fullbright (2012), and Woody Russell (2013).